Decks & Fences for Your Home or Business

By adding decking or fencing to your property, it transforms its overall exterior look and function. This could be around your business premises, or your own personal home. It helps to give your property a refreshed look and contributes to the easy maintenance of your asset.

Creating First Impressions


By improving the surrounding environment of your building, you can add value to your business and your brand. It communicates professionalism to your working community. We can help you to create a clean and tidy outdoor entrance you can be proud of, and to present a great image to those around you.


Fencing offers privacy and security around your home and it helps to define outdoor spaces within your garden. Combining this with our landscaping services, this can add value to your home by improved street appeal.

Safety for your Children & Pets

If you have a pool or other areas around your home that are unsafe for your children or pets, it’s important that you get the fencing to keep them safe.

Pool fencing is a legal requirement therefore, it’s important that it’s of a high-quality design and build to ensure it will last and keep your family safe.

LC Builders can provide a wide variety of fencing options that can be constructed to meet your requirements.

Building a Deck

Decking gives your work team or family an outdoor space to relax on warmer days.

By building a deck outside your property you can create an indoor, outdoor flow and have a great place to relax in summer. Decks are easy to construct outside and will be built to your exact specifications and section capacity.

Paths, Driveways & Courtyards

LC Builders has many years’ experience in creating hardscaping for your property to help transform your home or workplace. This could include paved, hotmix concrete or exposed aggregate driveways, paths and courtyards, or other special features such as water fountains to prepare your grounds for its greenery.

For the commercial side – we can incorporate urban planning requirements from the council for seating around public spaces.

You can add real value to your property, by developing outdoor living areas and creating privacy around your home or business.

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