Will there be a licensed building practitioner on site?

Yes, LC Builders has six of its’ staff holding a current LBP licence. This is spread over our project managers and company foremen.

Will there be a project manager for our building work?

LC Builders has two trained and highly skilled project managers which will oversee any larger builds/construction work. The onsite foremen remain in close contact with office management throughout the project.

Do you have a health & safety policy in place?

Health and safety is an important aspect of all projects LC builders are a part of. A ‘one size fits all’ approach is not effective; therefore, every job has a specifically designed health and safety plan based around our digital reporting system, or we can work with the client’s systems for renovation work. This ensures projects are completed with minimum exposure to hazards and disruption to clients. We understand we can never be too careful in the workplace and are constantly looking for ways to improve our health & safety system.

What does your payment schedules look like & how do they work?

For any project over $30,000.00, LC Builders and the client will enter a written and signed contract. A deposit of 10% is required before any contract works can begin, of which the balance of the agreed quoted amount will be billed in progress payments or as a lump sum at the end depending on the size and duration of the project. Everything will be set out in the contract along with payment terms and instructions to ensure there are no surprises.

As a client, what access do I have to the job site whilst it’s in progress?

At LC Builders, communication is key. We keep in close contact with our clients, employees and subtrades throughout the entire project. We schedule weekly site visits where one of our project managers will guide you around the jobsite to see its progress. Other viewings can be made by appointment. It is important to make contact with the LC Builders office staff prior to going onsite to ensure that our health & safety policy is met.

Can I make changes once the project has started?

Yes. We pride ourselves on our flexibility and know that it can be hard to visualise the final result from the plans. Change requests are quoted for cost and proposed time delays, to allow the client to make an informed decision.